Residential & Household Services

Residential glazing projects comprise a significant portion of a family's investment in their home. Shower and bath enclosures, screen rooms and sunrooms, storm protection, custom mirrors, replacement and repairs, tabletops and shelving, Rainhandler® and gutters, plexiglass fabrication, energy-efficient insulated windows and doors and decorative mirror applications contribute to the increased equity and comfortable atmosphere of your home environment. Weber Glass provides over 40 years of quality, cost-efficient experience satisfying the residential consumer's glazing needs. We proudly provide residential services to Citrus, Hernando, Sumpter, Marion and Levy Counties in Central Florida.

To ensure prompt, professional, courteous service, please contact us by telephone, complete our online estimate request form or fax your bid request to our office. One of our Residential Specialists will contact you within 24 hours. Thank you for choosing Weber Glass, Inc.

Insulated Glass Panel Replacement
Insulated Glass Units save on heating and cooling costs. They also reduce the initial size and cost of heating and cooling equipment. By applying energy efficient coatings, tinted glass, reflective coatings, silk-screened patterns and laminated glass products, a wide variety of insulated glass configurations are available in a range of performance an aesthetic requirements.

Insulated Glass Units can be fabricated to meet state energy codes, sound control requirements, impact and hurricane resistance. Insulated Glass Units can be designed to reduce heat loss and solar heat gain entering the building, with a minimal reduction of visible light transmittance. Insulated Glass Units will have a warmer room-side glass surface temperature than single glazing, thus reducing condensation and moisture related problems.
Storm Protection
Hurricane and tornado winds can cause tremendous property loss. Debris penetrates windows and doors, allowing the wind to enter a home. This creates forces that the structure of the house is not designed to withstand, which can lift the roof and lend to structural failure.

Even if the roof and walls remain intact, the rain and water damage from a broken window can be severe, leaving a home uninhabitable and resulting in substantial loss to contents. Impact resistant windows and doors are a huge deterrant to home invasion by wind and wind-borne debris. Weber Glass, Inc. is a premier provider of impact resistant doors, windows and shutters to insure your home is adequately protected from wind-borne debris and can provide products that comply with local building code requirements.
Screen Rooms and Sun Rooms
Professionally constructed sunrooms and screenrooms promote a comfortable living environment, increased property value and an asthetically pleasing appearance to any home. Weber Glass can fulfill your desire to enjoy the pleasant southern seasons with the addition of an enclosed screen porch or sunroom.
Mirror Replacement and Repair
Mirrors serve a variety of residential functions. From bathroom and closet door applications to aesthetically functional wall panels, mirrors provide outstanding designer decor while allowing light to permeate a room. Call Weber Glass for your residential mirror replacements and upgrades.
Glass Windows and Doors
Weber Glass sells residential doors and windows which are available in a myriad of types and styles to accommodate a large variety of personal and designer preferences. Call Weber Glass today to learn more about our extensive selection of glass windows and glass doors.
Glass and Glazing Repairs
Glazing repairs are a cost efficient method of correcting window, door, screen and vinyl panel discrepanies. A majority of glazing components can accommodate a repair rather than replacing an entire unit. Our expert repair staff is ready, willing and able to assist you in saving money by performing a high quality glazing repair. Call Weber Glass today and remember, when in doubt, ask about a repair first.
Shower and Bath Enclosures
Most interior design professionals contend that the two rooms in a home requiring impeccable design detail to significantly increase the appraisal value of a property are the kitchen and bathroom.

Technology in shower and bath fixtures and enclosures, properly coordinated and installed, can significantly increase the asthetic value of any bathroom. European style, conventional and custom shower and bath enclosure applications are a specialty of the Weber Glass family of experts.
Energy Savings Ideas
In today's economy, energy savings is a huge concern to most consumers. Weber Glass can provide numerous residential enhancements to lower your energy consumption and cost.

Sunscreen, window film, tinted and coated glass, insulated glass, screen doors, window screens and mirrors are just a few of the options Weber Glass can provide to consumers to save energy.
RainhandlerŽ and Gutters
Weber Glass, Inc. can help your home safely handle heavy Florida rainstorms. RainhandlerŽ is a replacement for "old-fashioned" gutters and is installed in a similar location at your roofs edge. Weber Glass sells and installs both RainhandlerŽ and Gutters to meet your specific needs.
EPA Certified For Lead Containing Structures
Weber Glass, Inc. is required by law to test all homes built before 1978 for lead paint. Unlike many of our competitors, Weber Glass is certified by the EPA to perform repairs and replacements to doors and windows that contain lead paint. Call Weber Glass today for services for your older home.

Our Warranty
Weber Glass, Inc. offers a standard 1-year Warranty on all NEW residential work. Contact us today.